Help Us Help Our 4-Legged Frynds

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Puggle Lynyrd Skynyrd Public Service Announcement

ldog boating


Even though I can do the doggie paddle, I could get tired so I wear my life vest because I’d rather be safe than sorry!!!  To all of my 4-Legged Frynds when boating with your human parents please make sure you wear a life vest. Paws Up Brothers & Sisters, L-Dog out……………..

Country Music Star Lee Ann Womack with our Great Niece Brooke


Last night my wife attended an event in her home town of Jacksonville, TX. honoring Lee Ann Womack and Mr. Billy Guinn. Both Lee Ann and Billy are Jacksonville natives. Lee Ann was kind enough to accept a copy of my book about our dog Lynyrd Skynyrd. Hopefully via her music connections the story of the dog named after the band will get more exposure so we can continue our “Help Us Help Our 4-Legged Frynds” Initiative. THANKS Lee Ann and Congratulations to both you and Mr. Guinn on your achievements!!!