This is what it’s all about: They are FAMILY!!!



Puggle Lynyrd Skynyrd says Top of the Morning to you! Well, not really……….. As I normally do each morning I woke my human parents up, got fed, had my medicine and that is quite tiring……….. So then since the bed is empty; who better than to occupy it for their 1st nap of the day than little ole me. Eventually I will get up for real and then and only then will it really be my Top of the Morning!!!

Puggle Lynyrd Skynyrd also says, I’m Puggle-licious. Please find out more by getting my book, “What’s Your Name? Life as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Dog”.

It’s the story of the Dog named after a band. You know the story of the band, now read the story of the dog. They Both ROCK!!!!

My book is a great read for Children, Dog Lovers and Music Lovers too!!!

My human Daddy is donating his author proceeds to “Help Us Help Our 4-Legged Frynds”

The book is AVAILABLE and FRYNDS we’re still supporting Animal Shelters:
Help Us Help Our 4-Legged Frynds…/ ……/whats-your-name-life…/id778980350



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