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Hello, my name is Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Yes, you might say that I have a funny name but let me tell you my story. I am named after one of the most popular and successful Southern Rock Bands in history. Now let me tell you how my name came to be. My human parents; I’ll call them Mommy and Daddy, wanted a dog.  Well, my Daddy loves music and one day Mommy told Daddy that she had the perfect name for a dog. Daddy asked Mommy what that name was and she said Lynyrd Skynyrd. Mommy knew Daddy would like that name because Daddy listened to the band Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Once Mommy and Daddy agreed on my name, they had to try and find a dog that fit the name. So Mommy and Daddy went searching for a puppy or you could say they went searching for me.  Mommy and Daddy went to a dog show. At the dog show Mommy stopped at a breeder’s booth where I was located with some Dachshund puppies. Just as Mommy was about to pick up one of the Dachshund puppies, Daddy looked at me and said what about this little guy?  Although I don’t even look anything like a Dachshund, Mommy said I was the cutest puppy she had ever seen.  That’s because I am a Puggle.  A Puggle is part Pug and part Beagle and that’s what makes me unique.

Mindy Gellock

So Mommy and Daddy had made their decision to adopt me and I was on my way to my new home. Well, the ride in Daddy’s truck was quite the experience! Daddy couldn’t tell who was more nervous; me or Mommy? I am Mommy’s first puppy so she was kind of nervous holding me in her lap.  And I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know what to expect?  When we arrived home Mommy put me down on the kitchen floor. Because I was kind of nervous, I had an accident on the floor. It was my first accident, but it wouldn’t be my last. Actually I was just marking my new turf and I was really happy to be home. I then decided to do some exploring and check out my new home. I didn’t know that there would be surprises for me in the kitchen and in the living room. The kitchen surprise was my own food and water bowls. I was just a little guy so I could hardly reach my food and water.

Photo 2


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